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Corporate outline
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1. Collection, use and provision of personal information
The Company has considered that during the course of its business activities, it collects customer information and in addition to establishing management systems for personal information protection that are adapted to each business area, it will also conform to prescribed regulations relating to the collection, use and provision of such information and handle appropriately.
2. Compliance with laws and standard practices
The Company will comply with applicable laws and standard practices relating to the protection of personal information when handling such information.
3. Implication of safety measures
To ensure the accuracy and safety of personal information the Company endeavors to prevent loss, destruction, fraud and leaking of personal information through the enforcement of a number of preventative measures such as: managing access, restricting theft of and protecting against outside unauthorized access of personal information in accordance with various information security protocols.
4. Respecting an individual's rights in relation to personal information
The company will honor the rights of an individual relating to the disclosure, deletion, correction or refusal of provision of personal information.
5. Formulation and constant improvement of our Compliance Program
The company informs its staff and executives of the importance of protecting personal information and has formulated the Compliance Program to ensure the appropriate use of an protection of such information. We are committed to both enacting and constantly improving this program.
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